The Motor Club isn't actually a club

It's a Self Service Garage where you can rent space for your car, motorcycle, boat, bulldozer, etc. We have indoor parking, A lift shop for short term work, A long term shop for body work, welding, fabrication, paint, etc. A lounge area where you can watch Gomer Pyle, An area to grill and visit, Outside storage and parking for boats, trailers, cars, RV's, and whatever else you may have that needs to live outside, but not at your house. All in it's $295 per month. Your projects stay here, you stay here, you work here, or you bring your workers here. Whatever works for you. You bring your tools, and we have the equipment. It's probably where you need to be. You'll feel like a member.

Call Cobb Ware  601-291-0781, or Dave Dear  601-209-5200 and let's talk about your spot.

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